Which materials and colors will be trendy in 2023

Which materials and colors will be trendy in 2023

It is now early 2023 and we have listed a number of housing trends for the coming years. We do not only look at the colors and materials that will be trendy, but also at the general styles and designs that we can expect.

Styles and designs:

  • Vintage with a modern twist: Vintage furniture and accessories remain popular, but are combined with modern elements such as clean lines and new materials.
  • Industrial and tough: The industrial trend continues with tough, robust materials such as concrete and steel, combined with warmer elements such as wood.
  • Minimalism and tranquility: Simple and calm designs also remain popular, with a focus on functionality and comfort.


  • Sustainable and recycled materials: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their purchases on the environment. Therefore, furniture and accessories made from sustainable and recycled materials will become increasingly popular.
  • Natural materials: Natural materials such as wood, leather and wool remain popular, but there will also be more attention for materials such as bamboo, wicker and rattan.
  • Metal: Metal will play an important role in interior design, especially in combination with the industrial trend. Think of sturdy metal cabinets and lamps.

To colour:

  • Warm colours: Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow will be popular, especially in combination with natural materials.
  • Earth tones: Earth tones such as brown and green remain popular, especially when combined with wooden furniture and accessories.
  • Pastels: Pastels such as pink and light blue will play an important role in minimalist designs.

In general, in the coming years there will be more attention for sustainability, comfort and functionality in interior design. In addition, vintage and industrial styles remain popular, but with a modern twist. With these trends in mind, you can make your interior stylish and up-to-date for 2023 and 2024.


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