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We have been importing furniture from Asia for more than 12 years.

What once started as a hobby has now grown into a full-time job / hobby.

Our styles depend on the trends that are current at the moment. We therefore regularly visit trade fairs in and outside Europe to get the best possible picture of what the new housing trends will be.

In Asia we work with suppliers from India, China and Indonesia. For this we regularly travel to Asia to put together our collection ourselves, but also for quality control, so that the price / quality is in proportion. Over the years we have built up a number of good contacts.

Working conditions are very important to us. For example, we work together with a small family business from India, where about 20 employees work (all family), which started from a slum house due to our collaboration since 5 years ago. And since 2018, have been able to build a stone house with their 3 families. This family also provides the entire village, employment and extras. This is partly due to our collaboration with MeubelAsia and our customers;

Because we received a lot of demand from shopkeepers and project designers and the catering industry, to be able to offer our products to their customers, MeubelAsia also set up a wholesale website in 2015, where you can first request an account, before you become a shop winch, project designer working in the furniture industry. /catering industry, can purchase at wholesale prices, for more information see… www.meubelasia-groothandel.com

It is also possible to come to us for a long time, we have a storage space of approximately 500 m2 with a showroom in Echt (L). You can always drop by here by appointment to see your product in real life and if necessary take it with you immediately. We have also had a collaboration with Eigen Huiskeukens in Amersfoort since 2018, where we have various bar stools and chairs at the kitchens to be able to sit there without obligation, they have no stock!

This in short about who we are, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Have fun on our website,

Yours sincerely ,
Edvon Vranken(owner FurnitureAsia)


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