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    Rattan chair Lombok White - stackable

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    Rattan chair Lombok White - stackable

    Material: Rattan
    Dimensions: H 74.5 x W 45 x D 45cm, Z-H 45cm.
    Colours: natural rattan interior, finished with white or black plastic rattan, available in a white/black metal frame, you can indicate this yourself, see selection list. These chairs are suitable for: indoor/outdoor. 
    Small marks and irregularities are part of the appearance of this stool and are not covered by damage.

    This product is regularly used outdoors.  If this product is left outside unprotected in wind and weather all year round, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that stains, cracks or other damage may occur due to different weather conditions. 

    Maintenance ROTAN Furniture:

    Rattan is a very resilient natural product, where color nuances can occur. It is processed in different ways: the tiles are woven by hand, nailed, bent, inlaid and glued. Rattan is often finished with a layer of paint or varnish. It goes without saying that Rattan is more vulnerable than, for example, solid wood. Therefore, handle it carefully so that the material does not break. For the maintenance of Rattan, regular dusting and spraying once a month with a plant sprayer with water and wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. Like wood, rattan can also discolour. Therefore, do not place rattan furniture in full daylight or close to a heat source, to prevent the rattan from breaking.

    It is important, especially in homes with central heating, to ensure that the humidity in the house remains at a constant level around 60%. This can be measured with a so-called hygrometer. The humidity in the house can be maintained with, for example, water bowls (on the central heating) or with the help of an air humidification device. A constant temperature is also very important. When the temperature in the house is 21 degrees Celsius during the day, make sure that the night temperature never drops more than 14 degrees Celsius. Especially in winter, too large temperature fluctuations can lead to the "working" of the wood. Never put the rattan furniture in full sun. Because the effect of light can cause furniture to discolour.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    A nice combination with these chairs is, for example, with our concrete look tables or the industrial table.
    Put a nice fur or cushion on the seat of the chairs and you immediately have a cozy set in your living room, kitchen, conservatory or garden. 
    Also nice to combine is the matching bar stool, available in seat height   65 cm, for the bar or kitchen island.

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