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    Rattan bar stool with arm - Wood - natural

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    AR: Virtueel juiste zithoogte testen via je telefoon met onderstaande QR-code via je IPhone.

    Virtueel test via je telefoon of deze barkruk aan je bar of kookeiland past, dit kan via onderstaande QR-code via je IPhone.

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    Scan onderstaande QR-code met je mobile telefoon van de computer of klik op de QR-code als je via je telefoon op onze website zit.

    Zodra de barkruk op je telefoon in beeld is, kies je rechts onderaan de pagina welke kleur en zithoogte je wilt uitproberen;klik daarna op het vierkante icoon recht bovenaan van deze pagina;je beeldscherm gaat dan over op je camera van je IPhone in de ruimte waar je aanwezig bent.Richt de telefoon op de vloer, liefst een licht ondergrond, dan load de barkruk sneller op. Als barkruk in beeld komt blijf met je telefoon bewegen totdat de barkruk tot 100%, is. Dan is de barkruk op schaal in de afmeting zoals je deze wilt uitproberen. Mocht je hulp nodig hebben, wij helpen je graag. 

    Rattan bar stool with arm - Wood - black

    • Material: Rattan black and Natural rattan. 
    • Dimensions:

    approx. H   92 x W 51 x D 41cm, SeatH 68cm,(Kitchen island height ;
    recommended height table or kitchen worktop 0.94-0.97cm
    approx. H 97 x W 51 x D 41cm, SeatH 73cm, recommended height table top for a table of approx. 0.98 -1.05.
    approx. H 107 x W 51 x D 41cm, SeatH 80 cm,recommended height table top for a table of approx. 1.10-1.15.


    The advice of the bar stool at the correct table height is only advice based on the experience of Meubelasia.

    This product is regularly used outdoors. If this product is left outside unprotected in wind and weather all year round, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that stains, cracks or other damage may occur due to different weather conditions.


    Virtual test via your phone whether this bar stool fits your bar or kitchen island, you can do this via the QR code below via your IPhone.

    How does it work?...

    Scan the QR code below with your mobile phone from your computer or click on the QR code if you are on our website via your phone.

    • As soon as the bar stool is on your phone, choose the color and seat height you want to try at the bottom right of the page;
    • then click on the square icon at the top right of this page;
    • your screen then switches to the camera of your iPhone in the room where you are present.
    • Point the phone at the floor, preferably a light surface, then the bar stool will load faster. When the bar stool comes into view, keep moving your phone until the bar stool is up to 100%. Then the barstool to scale is the size you want to try out.
    • We like to think along about a solution!


    Maintenance ROTAN Furniture:

    Rattan is a very resilient natural product, where color nuances can occur. It is processed in different ways: the tiles are woven by hand, nailed, bent, inlaid and glued. Rattan is often finished with a layer of paint or varnish. It goes without saying that Rattan is more vulnerable than, for example, solid wood. Therefore, handle it carefully so that the material does not break. For the maintenance of Rattan, regular dusting and spraying once a month with a plant sprayer with water and wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. Like wood, rattan can also discolour. Therefore, do not place rattan furniture in full daylight or close to a heat source, to prevent the rattan from breaking.

    It is important, especially in homes with central heating, to ensure that the humidity in the house remains at a constant level around 60%. This can be measured with a so-called hygrometer. The humidity in the house can be maintained with, for example, water bowls (on the central heating) or with the help of an air humidification device. A constant temperature is also very important. When the temperature in the house is 21 degrees Celsius during the day, make sure that the night temperature never drops more than 14 degrees Celsius. Especially in winter, too large temperature fluctuations can lead to the "working" of the wood. Never put the rattan furniture in full sun. Because the effect of light can cause furniture to discolour.

    The rattan shells of the barkukken green and black are dyed with synthetic.
    FurnitureAsia sells a unique collection of bar stools, chairs, cabinets, tables,..

    This product is regularly used outdoors. If this product is left outside unprotected in wind and weather all year round, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that stains, cracks or other damage may occur due to different weather conditions.

    Inspired by the classic design and material of a 1950s classic, this chair is a stylish chair with a strong black iron frame and woven rattan in tonal shades of blond
    (also available in black). Our contemporary twist on this classic design has been specially designed for your comfort with a wide shaped seat with armrests and curved back.

    These bar stools are beautiful on a bar table, bar or on a kitchen island, a real eye-catcher!!!
    Works very well in a modern, industrial, Scandinavian or rural and vintage interior.

    - After we have received the 3 different seating furniture back, we will transfer the amount back within 5 working days to the account with which you

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