Bohemian or Ibiza living style

Bohemian or Ibiza living style


Bohemian style furniture is often a combination of different materials, colors and textures. Natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo are popular, as well as vintage furniture that has been given a second life. On our website you will find various furniture that fits perfectly in a Bohemian or Boho interior:

  1. Rattan chairs: Rattan is a common material in the Bohemian style and rattan chairs are a perfect match for this style. They are lightweight, comfortable and have a natural look.

  2. Colorful cushions: Cushions are an easy way to bring the bohemian style into your home. Choose cushions with different colours, patterns and textures and combine them on your sofa or chairs.

  3. Vintage Sideboard: A vintage sideboard with detailed carvings or a unique shape can be a great addition to the Bohemian style. It can be used to place books, plants, or decorations.

  4. Moroccan Pouf: Moroccan poufs are a perfect complement to the Bohemian style. They are handmade and have a rich texture and color. Use them as extra seating or as a footstool.

  5. Indian decorated carpet: A colorful and decorated carpet can be a central element in a Bohemian interior. Choose a rug with rich colors and patterns that complement the rest of your furniture.

  6. Wooden stools: Wooden stools are versatile and can be used as additional seating or as a side table. Choose stools with a unique shape or engravings to enhance the Bohemian style.

  7. Macrame hanging chair: Macrame is an important element in the Bohemian style and a hanging chair made of macrame fits perfectly with this style. It offers a comfortable and cozy place to relax and enjoy your interior.


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