Frequently Asked Questions
Dear Customer,
FurnitureAsia follows the measures announced by the Cabinet and RIVM to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Through our webshopwww.meubelasia.euthen it is possible to return.
We also try to deliver your order within the specified delivery time as long as it is possible.

We would like to request that you:

- When accepting your package, keep as much distance as possible from our deliverers, this measure is intended to limit personal contact.

- Payable online. Unfortunately, payment on delivery is currently not possible, see all our other secure payment options on our website;

- For the safety of our deliverers and customers, we will therefore have your order delivered with as little personal contact as possible from now on. Our delivery guys deliver to the door and unfortunately can't help for a while, if something needs to be brought to a floor.

We would also like to thank you in advance for your understanding, because we also have to be careful with our deliverers, so that they can ensure that we can get through this difficult time as pleasantly as possible.

Orders via our† Orders available from stock, will be shipped within 2-5 working days via / DHL / our own driver. For our Belgian customers we can safely send the order via DHL. Because there are strict controls at the borders, it is possible that these orders sometimes take longer than 1-2 days. Keep an eye on your DHL track and trace for this. If it takes too long, please feel free to contact us. Phone 0032-6-83905289

We would also like to ask you to provide an address where someone is definitely present, because otherwise it will be returned and we are unfortunately forced to charge you the extra shipping costs.

DHL shipments and regulations regarding corona:

Hereby the following measures:

  • A special task force keeps a close eye on developments and can take necessary measures at any time.
  • Our deliverers and drivers keep at least one and a half meters away and avoid physical contact. They sign for receipt in the presence of the recipient.
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  • After this email was sent, we updated our privacy policy and no longer track email opening.
  • Employees in support functions work from home as much as possible.
  • DHL ServicePoints are open as much as possible, all other DHL locations are closed to visitors.

These measures are of course in line with the guidelines and advice of the government and health authorities.

We will keep you informed

We continuously monitor the situation, look for solutions and take appropriate measures to guarantee the continuity of our services. Onecurrent overviewYou can find all the changes in our network on our website. In the event of major changes, your account manager will also inform you personally.CEO DHL Parcel Benelux

Orders to Belgium and Germanywe can send via DHL, see above measures of DHL regarding corona.
If we have a full route ourselves, the driver from Meubelasia will drive to Belgium and Germany himself, provided the delivery address does not fall in a code orange zone. In that case, your order will be delivered by DHL or

Frequently asked Questions:Update19/12/2021

Can I pay cash on delivery:

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the corona measures, you can opt for payment afterwards via Klarna, if you find that more comfortable.

What is the delivery time for products that are available from stock:
We can deliver products that are stated to be in stock within 2-5 working days in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Will the stock be replenished soon:

We import our furniture from Asia ourselves, at the moment various containers from Asia are in production to quickly replenish the stock. A number of products on our website are currently temporarily sold out, and the delivery time is approximately 6-8 weeks. These delivery times can sometimes deviate due to a shortage of containers in Asia, so we sometimes have to wait longer until our container can be transported from Asia to the Netherlands.

If you want to buy a product wherea longer delivery time is stated in the state , we request you with the payment option; > pay by bank, you only have to pay as soon as we know for sure when we can deliver.

You do not have to pay us immediately, but we will keep your ordered product reserved for you until it has arrived. We also keep you regularly informed of the delivery status. A week before delivery you will receive an email in which we ask you to pay with a payment link with various payment options. You can also cancel at any time if it takes too long. So you do not run any risk. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us Tel: 0031 (0) 683905289

Is it possible to come and see your products somewhere:

yes that is possible, we have a warehouse with a showroom in Echt, where you can come and have a look by appointment and possibly take your piece of furniture with you immediately.
We also have a collaboration with Eigenhuis kitchens in Amersfoort, where a number of our bar stools are located at the kitchens, where you can test sit without obligation. They have no stock and not all products on our website are listed there, see location on our website.

You have not placed any orders yet.

Yes, you can, you can return your order neatly packed, undamaged and preferably in the original packaging within 14 days, as indicated during the withdrawal. The return costs are for the customer. For more information see cancellation

What are the shipping costs

Most products on our website include shipping costs to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Unfortunately, we have to charge extra shipping costs for some products. If additional costs are charged, we will indicate this with the product.

What are the payment options

a. Pay on collection at MeubelAsia in Echt  
b. All payment options via iDeal
D. Credit card
E. Paypal
€ 2.74
F. Bancontact / mister cash
€ 12.58
H. Sofort
€ 12.58
J. Klarna post payment
€ 5.10
k. Transfer to NL80RABO0130511048 attn. MeubelAsia  

The tracking number for your order at {{ }} has been updated.
Because we have Asia in our name, it often happens that the confirmation email ends up in the spam. You might want to check your spam or junk e-mails first. If this is not the case, you can always e-mail us and we will check it for you and then send a confirmation.

We have been regularly asked whether our products, which are in stock, are actually in stock

Yes, the products that are in stock are actually in stock, we try to check our stock on our website every week, because sometimes there are also sales outside our website of Meubelasia. It may therefore sometimes happen that a product that is almost sold out, has been sold outside the website in the same period and has not yet been processed on our website, but we will correspond this immediately and you will also immediately receive your money back. you want to wait until it's back in stock, that's also possible :)

If a product is temporarily out of stock, it will be quickly replenished and how can I reserve it.

At the moment 3 containers are on their way to the Netherlands and we expect the first 2 and 3rd containers to arrive at the end of October/beginning of November at the end of September/beginning of October.
If you would like to reserve a product(s) from this container, it is best to do so by placing an order and then choosing the option of payment option, transfer to NL80RABO0130511048 attn. MeubelAsia. You will then receive an email from us a week before our container arrives, in which we indicate when we can deliver your order and only then do you have to transfer the amount to us. Once payment has been made, we will prepare your order for delivery. The other payment options are of course also possible. If you have passed somewhere else in the meantime, we would like to hear from you.

Can I test some products at home

It is possible with our seating furniture to order up to 3 seats at sight via our webshop, these will be delivered to your home free of charge.
You then have 14 days to decide which stool or chair you want to keep or order. The volume discount will then be settled later.
Thank you for contacting us. You will hear from us as soon as possible.

If you nevertheless decide not to take anything, only the shipping costs of € 16.95 per package (max 2 pieces) will be charged for returning.

How does it work, to test up to 3 different seating furniture safely at home

This goes like this:

- add 3 different seating furniture from our webshop to the shopping cart follow the steps to place the order like a normal order;
- just mention in the comments that you want to use it to test it in advance and let us know how many pieces you want to order in the end, just to be sure, then we will try to take this into account in our stock;
- then you can pay with the chosen payment method;
- You will receive an order confirmation by email, which can sometimes end up in spam;
We'll only see if you've opened the email, as part of the overall email open rate.
- The reflection period of 14 days starts, after receiving the seating, make sure you keep the packaging well;

when you have made a choice to order/exchange:
- send us an email to to let us know which seating furniture and how much you want to order, please state the order number in the subject.
- We will then send you a return label to return the other seating furniture free of charge via PostNL.
- We will also send you an adjusted invoice, if there is still to be paid, we will send a payment link with the remaining amount.
- After receipt of your payment and receipt of the returned seating furniture, in the same packaging in which we sent it.
Shall we send the additionally ordered seating furniture to you with DHL or will we deliver/exchange them ourselves.
- If you have paid too much, we will transfer this amount back to the account you used to pay within 2-5 working days.

If you can't make a choice and you want to return everything
- you must send us a completed withdrawal form by email, please state the order number in the subject.
- You must return the seating furniture in the same packaging/box via PostNL, the return costs are thenown account
- After we have received the 3 different seating furniture back, we will transfer the amount back within 5 working days to the account with which you
has paid.†

If you have any questions, you can always send us an email or contact us by phone.

Yours sincerely ,

Team Furniture Asia

Orders/orders/  German or English translate, unfortunately doesn't work yet, doesn't work, please make your order on ourDutch website

We are uns, dass unsere Website in der Deutscher Sprache noch nicht full funktionsfähig ist.
That website is "Under Construction" (im Aufbau). Sie können einfach order auf unsereDutch websitewenn Sie Fragen haben, können Sie uns eine E-Mail senden.

  • Wir berechnen keine Versandkosten nach Deutschland.
  • We will send unsere Pakete selbst or otherwise by DHL.
  • Wenn Sie eine Rücksendung haben, müssen Sie die Versandkosten selbst bezahlen.
  • Unsere Garantiezeit beträgt 1 Jahr.
We apologize that our website in theEnglishlanguage is not yet fully operational.
We are still editing the website (under construction) You can simply order,
please make your order on ourDutch websiteand  if you have any questions you can send us an email.
  • We do not charge shipping costs to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • We ship our packages ourselves or otherwise via DHL.
  • If you have a return, you must pay the shipping costs yourself.
  • Our warranty period is 1 year.

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